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This promotional offer is meant to replace the traditional 2+1 supermarket offer.

The new promotion is 1+ 4

It sounds crazy, but ….

As you can see pound the advertising campaign posters, we make 2 areas in the district of fruits and vegetables.

1. The green area: where we put the expensive products, products not sold in large quantities and which don´t have the high monthly turnover.

2. The orange area: where we put products with a low price, with a high monthly turnover.


To buy a Kilo from the green area ( mango, grapes, pepper, etc…) customers can buy up to four kilos of products from the orange area at half price

Example: 1 kilo of mangoes ( green area) and 2 Kilo of potatoes , 1 kg onions and 1 kilo of apples at 50% of price (Orange area).

The Purpose of this promotion is :

A sale o in a larger quantities of expensive products ( fruits and vegetables in this case)

A quick sale in a larger quantities of vegetables and fruits with high turnover, taking into account they are perishable products, selling their total amount we avoid losses cost by throwing the products, annual lasses large in enough for a supermarket

The advantages of the new promotion

1. We don´t require customers to buy three similar products as in the old promo 2+1, the vast majority want only two similar products and they will be happy to be able to get the second unit at half price.

2. Considering the fact that we always keep the promotion for fruits and vegetables, we will attract more customers in the supermarket, customers to buy other products, so we´ll sell more in a month.

3. Those who buy 1+4 are primarily customers who buy large quantities ( big families, small shop owners, etc…), so more carts full of guts per month, primordial customers for supermarket.


1. In the first month we use the promotion only for fruits and vegetables area

2. Shortly after we broad the promotion at another lines of products: smoked cheese, detergents, etc…, but only for a short time and only to products which a not very well sold.

3. Since it will attract a large number of customers at this first stage, we keep the offer forever in the fruits and vegetables area. So, for sure we´ll not lose customers and will be the only ones who will grow the turnover during the economic prices we are going through .

4. Time we´ll implant in the minds of customers the new mascot or the color area where they now there are products at half price.

5. After a while to come up with something new we´ll use the back promotion with a big environmental promotion campaign 4+1: for a complete package of promotion that means 5 products or 5 kilos from the “color area “ we can get they ecological shopping bag for free.


Here we find some of the banners that we will launch in the start of this campaign.

The TV Spot that we will launch the campaign should be explicitly like the banners.


A fat man with a car in a supermarket stops in front of posters from the area with fruit and vegetables and reads a low voice:

“ So, if I buy a kilo of fruits from the green area, then I can buy up to 4 kilos of fruits or vegetables from the orange area at half price, ahaaaa…..”

A family with 3 children appear in this moment with a car full of products, some of theme quickly weigh 2,3 kilos from the green products and the others put big amounts of products from the orange area ( tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, etc…) everything in high speed as if they are very familiar with this promotion. The father looks at the fat man and says:

“We are big family”

(Pause in the video) . Image with the fat man having his car full a fruits and vegetables and the with shining eyes, says:

“ I am big too…”

The second spot ( a short one).

While the fat man does his shopping quietly in the fruits and vegetables area…..

Slim and pretty girl shows up ( the typical buddy of a woman with an enviable figure) , in a high speed fills her car with fruits and vegetables.

The fat man looks surprisingly at her…. She turns to him and says:

“ Whaaat?!.....I am vegetarian…..

(Through this block of commercials we achieve the purpose of explaining the promotion in a more entertaining way and we present the free categories of customers will be most interested buy the promotion: Big families, athletes, vegetarians).

The Final of this campaign:

After launching the promotion and also other products from the supermarket, we come up with the ecological shopping bag campaign.

For a complete promotion package of 5 products we will offer the ecological shopping bag for free.

This campaign achieves 2 goals:

The sides the ecological one and the educations the citizens in this way, having the supermarket logo in the bags is being advertised at a minimal cost. And also, after the amount bags is finished it may appear adjacent promotion: those who being the ecological bag with theme at the supermarket can win a promotional coupon ( a draw for a car, and for home appliances), or a XXX % € of purchase cost.


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