sâmbătă, 2 februarie 2013

ArtPhotography EXHIBITION - Craiova


in www.photo-ch.com   -   Alexandra Fira

De aici ii uram mult succes !!!

First of all, I want to apologize I have been a little distanced from advertising in the last 3 years.
Soon in Internet Network, web, FB and blogs:

1. The new Advertising Catalin Hole image with a new vision on advertising business ( I have some surprises ).
Ad CH in Facebook - clik

2. A new network: Spain Sports, starting with Alicante Deporte (water/beach sports) web, FB, G+, blogs.

 3. A different web for professional photographers: www.photo-ch.com (web, FB, G+, blogs). The website will be very interactive one.

In Facebook

4. Catalin Hole Art Gallery in 3D. A different way of selling and buying art and to be in touch with all that is new in the World´s Galleries.

5. “Your Crazy Birthday” starting in FB (in 1 month in web, blog, G+). Let´s make something different this year. Are you ready?

6. Catalin Hole Magazine, in flash.